Swan Cage

Drama, 15'

Lea, a twenty-five-year-old promising classic dancer, is forced to wear an orthopaedic brace due to her scoliosis condition which got worst after a fall. This marks for her not only the interruption of her dance career but also the beginning of a painful physical, psychological and interpersonal path: from restrictions in her activities to the acceptance of the 'cage' that imprisons her and drives her away from affections. Lea will later come to a realisation that will lead her to face her destiny with courage and hope.

Director's statement

It took me ages to be ready to share the story of my scoliosis, the story of the four long years I had to live with a brace. Lea’s story is not my story, but some of her feelings were also mine and this is why I’m particularly attached to the project. I want to tell a story made of physical, emotional and psychological changes. The story of a body that can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Lea is a dancer and her body also represents her work, her passion, and devotion: her everything. Her body is now in a cage and she needs to find a way to bear it. Lea’s brace, as it was mine, represents the antagonist and at the same time the cure which is painful but necessary. It also represents a path of growth and self-acceptance.


Waves Of Sleep


Thriller/Drama, 17'

Stephanie, a hypnosis therapist, is practicing and developing new experimental methods to cure insomnia. After a therapy session goes wrong with her patient Christine, causing Christine to fall into a coma, Stephanie stops seeing clients and soon becomes fixated on finding a way to bring Christine back to life. Suffocated by guilt, Stephanie will however cause her own death.

After Stephanie’s death, her girlfriend Hana also starts to suffer from insomnia. She spends everyday trying to get closer to Stephanie’s research and soon her ultimate goal becomes to find Christine. Hana’s only contact with the outside world comes from Timothy, an older married professor specialised in Shakespeare’s literature, with whom she seems to have started an affair. When Timothy invites Hana to his house on the Southern-English coast, Timothy explains to Hana his belief that waves control the sleeping cycle of humans, and he moved next to the sea when, several months earlier, his wife Christine felt into an irreversible coma. Later at Timothy’s house, Hana manages to dose Timothy with sleeping draught and finally get to Christine’s room where she lies unconsciously in bed. Was Timothy just Hana’s way to get to Christine? What will Hana do now that she finally got to Christine?

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