Your Lucky Money

Directed by Alexander Nguyen (2018) - 21 minutes

"If it ever goes wrong, you just have to run, for the rest of your life."

An innocent teenager gets involved in a heist with his friend and some strangers. The target is the criminals’ hideout whose front cover serves as a local restaurant. This is the first time he’s ever committed a crime, and things are bound to go wrong.


Angelica Wants Revenge

Directed by Andrea Zingoni (2018) - 97 minutes

Angelica Tornatori is nineteen. She’s a model, a DJ and a high-flying singer and producer. Dressed up as a pop superhero in a musical cartoon, she battles it out with zombi rapists in the beautiful city of Florence. And now she has an international hit song on her hands. Life has been generous: success, beauty, freedom. She believes in community, the stars and friendship. Her faith in humanity remains unshaken. Angelica shares a big house on via dell’Inferno in Florence with Maria Romei, her promoter, and a visual-artist, Raul. A loving triangle brimming over with energy and sweetness. 

One day everything changes. She’s kidnapped, raped and mutilated. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, she sinks into the depths of despair as the panic attacks and insomnia take over. Angelica is plagued by memories of the rape, and two of her assailants return to haunt her in ghostly visions. Raul and Maria’s affection is not enough. The therapies and cures don’t work. Even a visit to the shaman fails to bear the desired fruit. She thinks she’s going to die. But she survives. 
And now she wants justice. Revenge. The fact that this might upset even her closest friends doesn’t worry her. Weak and powerless, she puts back on her superhero costume. And very soon, those who ruined her existence will discover that even the most wicked of bad girls is nothing compared to a good girl turned bad.

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